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Friday, December 13, 2002 – The Alfred Page

Quote about ROVE – “..generally people love him, he’s just the sort of guy everyone loves.”

I write todays rant after reading a very interesting article which contained the above quote, and no, they weren’t being sarcastic when they wrote that line.

Apparently in a recent “Power List” by Who weekly, Rove McAnus (At least, I think that is how you spell his last name) was voted the most influential entertainer in Australia, somehow beating Dieter Brummer. Although Dieter was clearly funnier, Rove won because of a public “perception” that he is funny, with an emphasis on the word perception when you read this article to your loved ones, or significant other/s.

For some reason people expect Rove to be funny, just like you people expect my articles to be funny. Only with Rove, people laugh at 5 seconds of his show about the many ways he can say “What the?” and then tell their friends how funny Rove is.

“Oh last nights episode was so funny. Did you see the part where he said ‘What the?'”

Where does he come up with his material? I mean, he seems to have a whole 5 different voices that he uses to say those two words 10 times an episode. But it makes it so much funnier when he says “therrrrrrrrrrrr” instead of “the”. You could only describe him as a comedic genius.

The apparent list took into account things like improvement in overall ratings.

“When (Rove) first launched his show … it came fourth in the ratings, it was beaten by every other network, it struggled and then suddenly by 2002 it was the number one show for its timeslot.”

Quite an achievement there. Only Rove and his many different ways of saying “What the?” could have taken the prized timeslot of 9:30 tuesday night, the pinnacle of television ratings.

To further discredit the “Power List”, The Wiggles and Bert Newton were also in the top ten.

So a group of people dressed in skivvies who dance with a big green dinosaur and a pirate were in the “Power List”. As well as a 95 year old Danoz Direct spokesman who gets cheap laughs by insulting a poor stagehand by the name of Belvedere.

Now thats what I call a Power list.

Say hi to your mum for me. And while you’re there, tell her that Rove sux.

Yours in bitterness,
��� Alfred Gesnok
��� 11th on Australia’s Most Powerful Entertainers Lis