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25th November, 2002

Well I’ve reached that time again. I can finally stop worrying about studying for exams, and start worrying about whether i’ve scraped enough marks together to pass the subjects. This semester I attempted three subjects, but I found it no easier than any other semester when I attempted four subjects. Does that mean these three subjects were a class above the rest, super subjects, the mothers of all subjects?? I think not.

I’m afraid the difficulty of this semester boils down to laziness. No matter what the situation is, I somehow only ever do just enough work to scrape through. (Note: Bad choice of analogies ahead) Had I been in the World Trade Center, I could have been on the bottom floor, and still would have been one of the last out when the buildings came crashing down hours later. (End of bad analogy)

Sadly, my run of leaving everything to the last possible minute, and somehow getting through unscaved came to a crashing halt last semester, when I paid the ultimate price for my laziness. About $500 to be exact.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and I awoke at 11am. I checked my voicemail messages to hear this: “Hey man. We have an exam at 9am. Just thought you should know”

Oh drat i said. Well isn’t that a bit annoying. It seems sleeping in didn’t classify as “Just Cause” to missing an exam.

Even though I missed an exam that contributed to 60% of the overall subject, i remained optimistic about the 40% worth of tutorial and assignment marks, pinning all my hopes on the wonders of scaling.

But alas, my 21 out of 40 didn’t scale to a pass.

So there I was, finally at the end of a lifetime of scraping through to be average.

So now as another semester ends, I await my results. Each of three subjects, too close to call one way or the other. Did my luck run out last semester. Have I finally seen the end of pulling all nighters on assignments to scrape through. Will I have to do the unthinkable next year? Will I have to plan? Have to study? Have to…..Try??? So i have to ask myself, do I feel lucky?

Peace Out! Alfred