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Bill’s Boring Stuff

Reasons why Bill should not open his mouth:

1> “You should turn your flashlight off, and don’t forget to reload.”
2> “You know what you should put in your deck…”
3> “I don’t want to ruin it for you, but what happens is….”
4> “You’d make a really hot mum”
5> “Nice Shoes…”
6> “I wasn’t giving advise, I was making a suggestion!”
7> ” So I was playing World of Warcraft earlier…”
8> “wow, my horoscope says that I’m going to feel fulfilled and content. That must mean I’m going to get laid this weekend!”
9> Because yelling bullshit, at the TV over a bullshit call from an idiot ref in the last few seconds of a soccer match, at 3am won’t do any good

The times Bill should open his mouth and doesn’t:

1> When an attractive woman learn his name, expresses interest in what he is ordering this week, and gives him free drinks when he doesn’t order the chicken schnitzel like he does every week
2> When the “attractive young woman who can’t keep her legs closed” at his place of work wants to chat… and possibly do more

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