The funniest website since the last site you saw

Welcome to the tiny corner where we store everything that is Edgar. Excepting of course my semi-frequent contributions to the semi-frequent Annual Weekly, and my amazingly descriptive biography, which is elsewhere.

I wouldn’t advise reading any of this, as it is mostly opinionistic shit. Most of which is pretty retarded, and doesn’t make any sense. If you do read this though, feel free to send me e-mails outlining how much you don’t like my work, and I’ll feel free to ignore them.

Anywho, I’m encouraging people to e-mail me things, anywhere, anytime. I don’t care what, as long as it doesn’t suck. For if it does. I will make fun of you. Publicly. And with much humiliation.

Continue on brave traveller, or I’ll give you what for. Though it might not be in your best interests to do so.

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